The E3 Nutrition Lab at Washington University in St. Louis’s Brown School leads research focused on improving maternal and young child nutrition in resource-poor settings to promote healthy growth and development.

Our approach applies a transdisciplinary lens to nutrition and public health blending methods and technical content areas from public health nutrition, gender, anthropology, economic development, and evaluation science. Research themes within Washington University’s portfolio include: small livestock development for improving young child nutrition; animal source foods during complementary feeding period; implementation science; and evaluation research.

Our team seeks solutions to maternal and child nutrition which are:

  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Equitably Accessed
  • Evolutionarily Appropriate

Current projects in within the E3 Nutrition Lab portfolio include 1) identifying locally available and affordable animal source foods, such as eggs, milk, and fish which may positively impact maternal and child nutrition, 2) developing and testing a supplemental food product specifically designed to meet the needs of pregnant women and 3) the development of a combined nutrition and parenting intervention aimed at promoting healthy growth and development among young children.